Chartered Insurance Institute

The brief

The process of creating an annual report is a hugely valuable exercise for any organisation.

By its nature it forces senior management to:

1. Conduct a thorough review of performance

2. Explain how value is created through its  business model

3. Outline the levers for growth

4. Describe the risks that the organisation faces, and

Detail the measures that are in place.

The Chartered Insurance Institute were looking for best reporting advice and copywriting for their 2016 report.

The Impact

AB reviewed previous years reports and analysed the reporting from other leading membership organisations to establish how the CII were reporting against their peers. Working closely with their creative partner, AB then established the process for delivering the report and identified areas of content that needed to be included in the 2016 report. By creating the structure of the report, interviewing the relevant contributors and drafting the first round of copy, AB were able to provide a comprehensive first draft for the CII to review.



The report was published on the same day as the AGM with highly positive feedback received from the CII members on how the report had progressed from previous years.

In addition AB drafted the scripts and filmed Sian Fisher, CEO and Nikki Southwick-Gough, President of the Birmingham Institute

The Challenge

The CII had spent the previous 18 months conducting a review of how it operated and then produced a strategic manifesto outlining its plans for the future. In line with this, it required an annual report that was best in class and showed a step change in the quality of its external communications.


AB have provided an excellent and supportive team that has taken our reporting to a highly impressive new level. Our only issue now is to match and surpass the quality of this year’s report going forward!
Michelle Worvell, Communications Manager